The Health Benefits of Halotherapy

The Health Benefits of Halotherapy

The Health Benefits of Halotherapy

Salt Therapy

Use of Halotherapy dates back over a century ago. The healing benefits of salt inhalation were discovered in the salt mines of Poland when it became clear that miners rarely suffered from respiratory ailments. Recognized for its’ ability to break up mucus and kill microorganisms that cause infection, the alternative care community has embraced salt therapy, making it an advantageous addition to any sauna.

Halotherapy, experienced while using a salt sauna, promotes skin and respiratory health. Access to alternative healthcare continues to rise in demand as awareness increases concerning the harmful effects of chemicals and unnatural compounds. During halotherapy, negatively charged salt ions are carried deep into the lungs. These natural salt ions cleanse and purify, easing symptoms of those suffering from seasonal allergies, the cold, the flu, COPD and asthma, while healing and balancing PH levels in lungs and sinuses. The warmth of the sauna opens pores allowing 60 trace minerals to easily absorb into the skin. With regular visits to the salt sauna, those suffering from acne and Eczema experience relief from in symptoms due to increased blood flow and a reduction in inflammation.

Our innovative mounting system makes it easy to bring the healing benefits of Halotherapy into your home or business. Each modular panel comes with six mounted salt bricks, so you can scale up or down based on your specific needs.

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