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Sun Valley Salt offers two Salt Room options:

The Multipurpose Salt Studio and the Modular Salt Chalet.

Both our Multipurpose Salt Studio and our Modular Salt Chalets can be used for one or all of the following services: Halotherapy, Yoga, Hot Yoga, Meditation, Massage, Light Therapy, Spa and Wellness treatments and more.  Our Salt Rooms are incredibly versatile in order to meet your wellness center, yoga studio or spa’s specific needs.  Unlike all other salt panel or salt cave distributors, Sun Valley Salt’s Multipurpose Salt Studio and Modular Salt Chalets can be integrated into any existing or new space and are fully portable.  This makes our Salt Rooms ideal solutions for owners who are leasing space or considering relocation in the future.

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The Multipurpose Salt Studio

The Multipurpose Salt Studio is a salt room created out of an existing room by integrating a combination of the options and upgrades listed below. Contact us to learn more.

The Modular Salt Chalet

The Modular Salt Chalet is a free-standing unit with more than a dozen size and lay-out options.  The Modular Salt Chalet can also be customized by integrating a combination of the options and upgrades listed below.  Our Chalet’s are available in a range of exterior and interior materials. Contact us to learn more.

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Himalayan Salt Walls:

Our patent-pending Himalayan salt wall panels are quick and easy to install.  Each panel only requires 3 screws and are 100% VOC free. Moving your studio?  Not a problem, simply remove the panel screws and reinstall into your new studio space.

Our exclusive designer acrylic panels are used as ceiling material and can also be integrated on the walls. Our panels are back-lit with LED light and are controlled with a remote.  We offer panels in a variety of color and texture options.




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Sun Valley Salt Led Light Salt Wall Panels

Light Therapy:

Seasonal Affective Disorder lights can be implemented in order to provide a theraputic light source for Light Therapy services.


We offer custom cedar bench seating that is fully collapsible.  Collapsing the benches opens up the Salt Studio for yoga, meditation and group classes.

Additionally we offer portable zero gravity chairs made from 100% wood.

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Integrating halogenerators into your Multipurpose Salt Studio or Modular Salt Chalet transforms your space into a halotherapy center.  Halotherapy is one of the fastest growing wellness trends in N. America today.  Sun Valley Salt provides halogenerators to fit all room sizes.

Hot Yoga:

A Himalayan Salt Hot Yoga studio is easy to create by integrating our 100% Stainless Steel, UL listed, electric or gas heater. Since 1962 we have been the leading American manufacturer of salt room, steam and sauna heaters and are the preferred vendor of high-end fitness, wellness and professional sport franchises.  Our heaters are encased in either cedar wood or Himalayan Salt fencing and are fully programmable in order to achieve the specific and consistent heat you desire.
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Yoga, Meditation other group classes:

Group classes are easy to integrate in either our Multipurpose Salt Studio or Modular Salt Chalet by simply removing the chairs and/or collapsing the benches.  We DO NOT recommend the use of ground salt on the floor of the room both for versatility and sanitary reasons.


Want to transform your Salt Studio or Salt Chalet into a spa, massage or treatment room?  Simply integrate one or more of our portable massage tables.  The Himalayan Salt Walls will immediately create a sanctuary of healing and wellness in which to provide your treatment services.
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