Himalayan Salt Wall in Living Room

The use of Himalayan Pink Salt for constructing salt walls is one of the hottest wellness trends, thanks to its stunning design and the plethora of health benefits it offers.


Himalayan Salt Panels have multiple health benefits like:

Salt Room for Salt Therapy

Create a sense of deep relaxation.

Generates negative ions, which are shown to help create a sense of peace and relaxation. 

Purify and neutralize the air.

Salt Panels attract the water molecules from the air and pollutants, pollen, bacteria, and allergens, making the air in the surroundings clean and fresh to breathe in.

Promote deep sleep and helps to reduce insomnia.

The warm pinkish to orange glow of the panels (LED Lighting) is a calming and happy presence in a room, improving the mood and promoting sleep.

Help Fight EMF Radiation.

Salt Panels will counteract the harmful electronic vibrations caused by your electronic devices.

Help relieve respiratory problems.

Himalayan Salt is used in inhalers to bring relief to asthma and allergy sufferers.

Restore the body equilibrium.

By balancing the body’s central nervous system, leaving your body and mind energized and centered.