Improve your Wellness with Himalayan Salt 



Why Himalayan Salt?

Himalayan Salt produces negative ions, which can combat the effects of free radicals; this results in a surprisingly relaxing sensation. In addition, negative ions boost the neurotransmitter serotonin, creating higher energy levels and positive moods.

Alongside its health benefits, salt panels serve as beautiful decorations that make any spa, fitness center, luxury hotel, sauna, and even a room in your home elegant and stylish.

In 2006, a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine revealed that inhaling a high concentration of Himalayan salt particles improved lung function in cystic fibrosis sufferers. Further studies proved that chronic asthma and bronchitis symptoms also saw improvements after inhaling a Himalayan salt-based solution. 

Our Products

Himalayan Salt Panels


Salt Cooking Slab


Salt Bricks


Salt Stones


Himalayan Salt Walls

Here at Sun Valley Salt, we prioritize health over everything else. All our products are designed to harness the benefits of Himalayan Salt in the most natural way.

100% Free of Toxic VOCs

We have developed a system that maintains the purity of the salt and eliminates the need for harmful adhesives and toxic VOCs. Our panels preserve the purity of the salt extracted from the Himalayas to bring the most health-beneficial experiences.

Quick and Easy Installation

Each panel arrives pre-mounted on a stainless steel frame and contains six blocks of natural Himalayan salt. Thanks to its clever wiring system and design, even a 10-foot wide salt wall can be mounted in under an hour. 

Personalized Service

We are the only company that offers their customers a free preview of their final project. If you feel indecisive about the color or size, seeing the render will make it much easier to choose.

Benefits of Himalayan Salt

Improve your Enviroment

Products like the Himalayan Salt Lamp Sconce or Himalayan Salt Wall Panels release minerals onto the surrounding air. These salt particles and minerals can absorb irritants, including allergens and toxins, from the surrounding air, thus improving overall health.

Improve your Nutrition

You can use a Himalayan Salt Cooking Slab to add salt passively to your food. Utilizing Himalayan Salt instead of table salt is an excellent way to boost your health. This is due to Himalayan salt containing less sodium than the commonly used table salt. 

Improve your Skin

There are several ways to use Himalayan salt on your skin. Some people rub Himalayan Salt Stones on it to balance their skin's PH levels or use it for massages.