About us

We are Sun Valley Salt

The Himalayan Salt industry leader that produce the  only engineered and integrated salt wall panel system for easy and elegant installation. We have the ability to customize any application with our in-house Water-Jet cutting technology. Additionally, our panels can be beautifully back-lit with app-controlled LED lights. Our commercial and residential installations offer stunning architectural enhancements and the promotion of a healthy living environment.

Why us?

100% Free of Harmful Adhesives

and Toxic VOCs

Salt Wall Systems was born from the inspiration, beauty and healing properties of the Himalayan Salt itself.  We have developed a patent-pending mounting system that eliminates the need for harmful adhesives and toxic VOCs.  Our panels are designed to maintain the purity of the salt that is extracted from beneath the Himalayas  the Punjab District of India/Pakistan.

Quick and Easy Installation

and Integration

Each panel contains 6 blocks of genuine Himalayan Salt.  The panels arrive with salt blocks pre-mounted on a stainless steel frame and are designed for easy installation, requiring only 3 screws per panel. The panels are mounted quickly and simply, much like laying down Pergo floor boards. A 10-foot wide wall can be mounted in under an hour.