why invest in himalayan salt
The Himalayan salt panels are the new trend when we speak about design and wellness mixed in one product due to their incredible health benefits, how beautiful they are, and how easy they are to install into your new or existing wall. The installation is as simple as just putting together building blocks.


They can be used for residential or commercial use: yoga rooms, hotels, resorts, restaurants, retail, sauna, or even better, bring wellness to your home and turn any spot into a sanctuary of relaxation! You can install the panels even in bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, living rooms, or in your home office spot…

Himalayan Salt Walls immediately transform any room into a beautiful and calm environment. They are eco-friendly, which means that anyone in your family will enjoy the healing benefits all night long as the Himalayan salt naturally emits 84 trace minerals and negative ions.

Our Himalayan Salt Walls are perfect for any spot, you can create a custom panel to fit your needs, choose between our 3 different colors and LED lights.
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