People in Poland are fighting off lingering Covid-19 symptoms, with gym circuits taking place 426 ft underground in one of the world’s oldest salt mines in southern Poland dating back to the 13th century.

Over the centuries, miners turned it into a unique work of art, carving out a maze of tunnels leading to chambers and shrines complete with salt chandeliers.

It is a tourist attraction and a health resort and has been offering salt therapy (halo therapy) – mostly inhalation and brine baths – to patients with pulmonary issues for nearly 200 years.

It is now also taking in former Covid patients who have been referred through the public healthcare system for three-week stays, as well as private paying customers.

Scientists estimate that 10 to 15 percent of former Covid sufferers get long Covid, with symptoms of fatigue, impaired concentration, body pain, and breathing problems.

The air inside the mines is pure and without any allergens. This makes the environment excellent for respiratory tracts. 

Poland has taken the lead in rehabilitation programs and research into long Covid, launching its first facility for post-Covid patients in September.