Sun Valley Salt Shipping Policy

I confirm that my order will arrive on a freight truck and I will need to manually unload the panels and that delivery drivers are not required to help with unloading.

I understand that freight company occasionally miss - delivery appointments and they do not reimburse for such lapses.

I confirm that any changes made after my order ships to the delivery address will incur change fees which I am responsible for. 

I confirm that whoever receives my order must inspect the exterior for shipping damage and *must* record details of such damage on the driver's bill of lading/delivery receipt. No credit will be provided for damaged items that were not recorded on the delivery receipt/bill of lading.

I confirm that if panels with visible defects are altered or installed, those sheets will not be covered by the warranty. Once I install or alter a panel I have accepted that it meets my standards.

I confirm that I or anyone else that handles the salt panels adheres to the Salt Panel Handling Instruction Guide.

I confirm that the delivery location can be accessed by a semi-trailer truck. If it is on a narrow or inclined road or a road on which a truck cannot safely stop, I will pick up the order at the local freight terminal or meet the truck at an intermediary location and I will not be reimbursed for time, travel or personal vehicle usage.

I confirm that I will store and handle the salt panels according to the Salt Panel Handling Instruction Guide.


The customer acknowledges that the front side only of the panels is considered during the inspection and is eligible grounds for refund/return as the backside of the panel is not intended to be visible and/or displayed.

  • 100% payment is required to begin production.
  • Est. ship time 4-6 weeks from the payment and signed invoice/terms.
  • Sales tax subject to change.
  • Sun Valley Salt does NOT provide finished salt wall trim.
  • Installation is optional for an additional fee.