Himalayan Salt Bricks

The perfect ambiance

Himalayan salt bricks are perfect for bringing a different design atmosphere, the hottest trend, beauty, and functionality together. It is not only well seen because our Himalayan salt bricks also provide a perfectly relaxing ambiance with several benefits that produce negative ions through the air, where you will be able to rest from a stressful day.

Perfect to fit from a conventional room to spas or specialized centers to provide halotherapy (salt therapy); an ancient concept proved to have several benefits in various conditions, especially respiratory. Consider illuminating Himalayan Salt bricks could give an effect similar to halotherapy by releasing negative ions with multiple uses.

White Himalayan Salt wall panels in a dark gray room
Living area where half of the wall is wood and the other half Himalayan salt bricks

The perfect piece of building a wall

These bricks can be used to build and decore a whole Himalayan salt room or be used to set up a wall that will completely transform the appearance of your room because each brick has a unique design. 

The pink, white or red color combines perfectly with both dark and light colors melting the view in perfect contrast piece making your salt wall or room will be one of a kind in the world. It will change the look entirely, and it will make it unique.

Adding an incredibly unique look to your space will steal the looks without hesitation.

The benefits of Himalayan Salt Brick

Goodbye allergies

You can say goodbye to dust, pollen, pet dander, mold, and other allergies because they will all be reduced. It will also reduce the number of viruses and bacteria that the air contains and provide a clean ambiance because its surface has antibacterial and antimicrobial action.

Having bad days with stress can be painful; this helps reduce the corporal tension and stress by lowering blood pressure. It also helps to reduce the numeral of headaches you get.

White Himalayan Salt wall panels in a dark gray room
Living area where half of the wall is wood and the other half Himalayan salt bricks

Help with respiratory illness

If you have respiratory problems, you will love those Himalayan Salt bricks. It has been proved that they help with this kind of illness as hayfever and asthma. Being in the ambiance they provide, you will be breathing micro-particles of salt that decrease inflammation, widening the airways and thinning mucus to accelerate its release.

Energy boost

Himalayan salt brick help boost your energy from the start, within, and at the end, especially to continue and have a productive daytime, by having the concentration your objectives and goals need and the required focus to deliver the best of yourself to achieve.

White Himalayan Salt wall panels in a dark gray room

Himalayan salt bricks bring many benefits to your health, and we are sure you will appreciate it.

Multiple uses

Cooking a meal

Building a wall or a room is not enough for our Himalayan Salt Bricks; you can also use them for cooking or searing your meals by placing them over an electric/gas grill. Take preventions

We don't recommend using the salt bricks in the oven; they heat very quickly, don't touch them with your hands, and always use cook gloves to avoid potential burns.

Big red Himalayan Salt Wall in a gym