Residential Salt Walls

Stunning designs for your home.


Enhance your kitchen with our Himalayan Salt accent wall and create a healthy atmosphere while you cook. You can also enhance the taste of your meal with our Himalayan salt blocks, which are perfect for grilling, baking and use them as a plate.

bathroom salt walls

Not only are Sun Valley Salt panels exquisite in a bathroom setting but they are equally healing when combined with heat. Can be placed near a bathtub on the wall, in a changing area or powder room, as a partition wall or as a magnificent art installation. The heat from the room helps release the 84 trace minerals and naturally occurring negative ions from the salt.

living room SALT WALLS

With Sun Valley Salt turn your dining area into a room your guests will never forget. Himalayan salt wall panels can be placed as framed works of art or make a bold statement with a wall of salt installation. Either way your glowing Himalayan salt wall will create a beautiful and stunning environment in which to dine and entertain guests.

Bedroom salt walls

An industry leader, Sun Valley Salt turns your bedroom into a sanctuary of health and relaxation. A Himalayan salt wall placed behind a bed or framed as a headboard will immediately transform any room. Your family will enjoy the healing benefits all night long as the Himalayan salt naturally emits 84 trace minerals and negative ions. The glowing LED lights provide a beautiful and calming environment.