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Pink Himalayan Salt Wall Panel | 6 Bricks

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Enhance any room space with a Himalayan Salt Wall Panel. At Sun Valley Salt, we have developed a mounting system that makes the installation of our salt walls simple and clean. Customize your salt panels with remote or app-controlled RGB LED lighting to achieve the color of your choice.

Where to build a Himalayan salt wall?

You can put our Himalayan salt panels anywhere you want to create a relaxing atmosphere while adding a unique detail to your decor. Bedrooms, office, entry room, dining room, children's room, living room, kitchen, yoga/meditation room and/or a sauna room are all very common locations for our salt walls. Installing a Himalayan salt wall will immediately infuse your room with 84 trace minerals, negative ions to combat the positive electromagnetic ions given off from all electronic devices, as well as add a peaceful and soothing ambiance to be felt by everyone entering your space. 

Benefits of Himalayan salt wall panels

These are just a few of the many benefits you can get from building your salt wall:

  • Improves air quality
  • Adds new and unique style to any room
  • Positive effects on breathing
  • Beneficial impact on blood circulation
  • Circulates the 84 trace minerals naturally occurring in the salt (heat will help to release the minerals into the air)
  • Infuses negative ions to neutralize the positive (electromagnetic) ions given off from electronic devices such as phones, computers, TV's, etc

Unique design

Each Himalayan salt brick used to create our panels is a unique brick with its own mineral driven color, veins and density formed naturally at the base of the ancient sea beds over 3 million years ago. Rest assured, a Himalayan salt wall will be a fantastic, one of a kind work of art to your space.


With our Himalayan salt panels, the only limit to customization is your imagination.


Himalayan salt panels are available with pink or white salt bricks.


You can choose panels without any lighting, with integrated LED lighting or with integrated perimeter LED lighting (used ONLY for sauna room environments). LED lights are controlled with an app and/or a remote control and can be set to just about any color, intensity and even program the colors to flash to the beat of music.


At Sun Valley Salt, we have developed the Building Block System technology. It allows you to assemble your Himalayan salt panels quickly, easily, and safely. See the installation instructions to find out how easy it is to build a salt wall.


  • One Standard 6 Brick Himalayan salt panel is composed of 6 salt bricks 
  • Each salt panel can be easily configured and installed with our building block system (see installation instructions attached)
  • Easy to remove to repair 
  • Low maintenance required
  • Easy to incorporate into new or existing constructions (saunas included)
  • 100% adhesive-free
  • Himalayan Salt Brick dimensions: 6"h x 8"w
  • 6 Brick Himalayan Salt Wall Panel dimensions: 18"h x 16"w

Each Himalayan salt wall panel includes

  • 100% natural Himalayan Salt bricks
  • Mounting bracket for easy installation
  • Available in Pink or White (White for an additional charge)
  • Salt Panels can include 2 types of lighting or no lighting 





    Warning:  Do not place Himalayan Salt Panels on the roof area.  Do not place Himalayan Salt Panels in a wet environment.  Do not place Himalayan Salt panels outside (indoor installation recommend only). Do not use FULL WHITE light setting when using RGB LED lights.







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