Return Policy

I understand and acknowledge that the Himalayan Salt Panels I purchased are made from a natural material, mined from the earth, and will therefore contain naturally occurring irregularities and imperfections. I acknowledge that salt is salt; salt is not a clay/ceramic brick formed in an oven mold; salt is not hard granite that is cut perfectly symmetrical from a saw but rather salt is soft and brittle; salt has cracks, divots, color variations and irregularities that you do not find with any other building material and as such I understand that small cracks, chips and variations up to 1/4" in size may be present. 

These variations will not qualify as defects and/or be eligible for a refund. However, if there are broken pieces larger than 1/4" upon receipt, I will notify the company within 48 hours. Any defects and/or damaged shipments reported after 48 hours of delivery will not be eligible for refund or replacement.

To proceed with the return of the damaged order, it is necessary to send photos of the product or products with the Order number in the subject line to the mail

If you have any doubts please contact us at +1 208 495 7016