Why Cook with a Himalayan Salt Brick?

 Say goodbye to your old frying pan and say hello to the new Himalayan Salt Cooking Slab. This avant-garde culinary technique is becoming a staple in everyone’s kitchen, for good reason. Not only is the Himalayan Salt Slab a gorgeous serving and cooking piece, but it is also made of the purest salts and minerals. Himalayan salt possesses 84 different minerals and electrolytes that infuse straight into your food, including magnesium, calcium, iron, zinc, and even a little bit of gold. This ancient mineral from the salt mines in Pakistan packs a big punch for your overall health. 

Salt plays a major role in balancing our bodies electrolytes, and when it is paired with all the minerals in Pink Himalayan Salt, it’s the perfect cure for dehydration or illnesses such as the flu. Ingesting this salt on a regular basis aids in the regeneration of hydroelectric cells in your body, sleep regulation, absorption of food in your intestinal tract, and promotes blood sugar health. Regular table salt contains a higher sodium content than Pink Himalayan Salt. More sodium means more liquid being pushed through the heart, resulting in high blood pressure. Ingesting pink Himalayan salt can help regulate these issues. Many processed foods contain extreme levels of sodium, especially processed table salt. 

Table salt contains 2,360 milligrams of sodium per teaspoon while pink Himalayan salt contains only 1,680. Officials recommend we consume less than 2,300 milligrams in a single day. To put it in perspective, your average hot dog has about 860 milligrams of sodium. Excessive sodium intake plays a part in many health problems we see today. By simply switching to Himalayan salt, we can greatly assist our bodily systems. What better way than to use it as your principal cooking gadget? 


Cooking on a salt block may seem like a weird, unusual concept. We’re here to assure you, this will become your new go-to in the kitchen. This natural element is a great conductor of heat, making it perfect for cooking steaks, searing fresh caught tuna, and so much more. Spice up your culinary endeavors with the unique taste and process of cooking with a Himalayan Salt Block.

For starters, make sure the block is completely dry. It is also important to heat the block slowly, starting at a low heat, and increasing the temperature every few minutes. This prevents the block from heating up too fast and cracking or breaking. If you are cooking on a charcoal grill, stack the coals on the opposite side of salt block to prevent fast heating. When heating on a gas stovetop, place the block on the stovetop, and slowly increase heat until the block is around 500 degrees. If you don’t have a thermometer, add a few drops of water to the block, when it’s hot enough, the water should sizzle and evaporate immediately. Remember to always cook on the same side of the block. Once the block has reached the desired temperature, anything you place on the block should render a satisfying “sizzle”. These blocks retain heat for a long time, so once it’s hot you can continue to cook for a while. 


Yes, cooking on a chilled slab is a delicious way to enjoy fresh fish, meats or seafood. The process is quite easy, simply refrigerate the block for several hours. Place your meat of choice on the block and watch as the salinity of the salt works its magic. Make sure your meat is thinly sliced for optimal results. Use ahi tuna to make a delicious Tuna Ceviche or Gravlax. To create a delicious beef Carpaccio, trim any fat from the beef and refrigerate for an hour, then slice it as thinly as possible against the grain, cure on the salt block, add your toppings and dressings and voila! A mouthwatering and easy appetizer!  


Once any food is placed on the salt block, it will immediately begin to absorb the block’s natural flavor, along with all the minerals and health benefits. As previously mentioned, you can cure meats on a chilled block and the salinity will “cook” the meat over an extended period of time; while also giving a clean, bright, salty flavor. The same applies to cooking with heat as any moist foods will take on the delicious flavors of this ancient mineral. 


These blocks are relatively low maintenance and long lasting, so long as you care for them properly. It is most important to never submerge or rinse it in water, this can cause the salt to dissolve, crack, or even worse, break. There is also no need to use detergents on the block, as Himalayan salt is anti-microbial, or in other words, self-cleansing. So, to clean it, just wipe it off with a dry cloth and wait 24 hours before using again. 

We’ve included some great recipes to try out with our Himalayan Salt Cooking Slab! 

Himalayan Salt Block Cooking Recipes

Grilled Steak and Lemon Asparagus


  • Steak 
  • Asparagus
  • Lemon
  • Olive Oil 


01. Slowly heat up your salt block, it should be around 450 degrees Fahrenheit. 

02. Lightly brush your asparagus with olive oil and fresh squeezed lemon juice and place on the salt block. 

03. Cut lemons into round slices and set on top of the asparagus to allow the flavor to absorb. Season with pepper. Cook until done.

04. While the asparagus is cooking, place your steak on the salt block and season with pepper. Flip steak halfway through, and cook to desired temperature. 

Grilled Steak and Lemon Asparagus

Mango and Tuna Ceviche 


  • ½ lb. diced tuna 
  • 1 diced mango 
  • ½ julienned red onion
  • Chopped cilantro
  • ½ cup diced cucumber 
  • 1-2 tsp. minced jalapeno 
  • 1 diced avocado
  • 3 tbsp. lime juice 
  • 2 tsp olive oil 
  • Pepper to taste 


01. Chill your Himalayan salt block in the refrigerator for several hours. 

02. Dice the tuna and place on the salt block for curing. Let tuna sit until it is “cooked” to your liking. Move the tuna around occasionally so all sides are cured. 

03. Place all fresh ingredients in bowl and mix together. Add lime juice and olive oil. Add the tuna. Mix. Pepper to taste. 

Mango and Tuna Ceviche

Looking to cook healthier? 

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