Himalayan Salt Block for Cooking

The experience your Kitchen needs

Using a Himalayan salt block is a unique new experience for cooking lovers. As its name suggests, a Himalayan Salt Block is made with Himalayan pink Salt carved from Pakistan.

Our salt block provides you with different ways to cook your meals. If you want to bake or grill, there is no such thing as a problem with our Himalayan Salt Block. 

A package of himalayan salt block  with cedar planks and 2 white block for cooking
A cooked steak with onion and garlic over a himalayan salt block

The Himalayan Salt Block is extraordinarily healthy by containing multiple nutrients and minerals.

The most remarkable property of our Salt Block is that cooking on it helps enhance the flavor of your meals by transferring its content to it, bringing several benefits to our health, making the Himalayan Salt Block versatile.

Using the salt block as

There are some methods to use the Himalayan Salt Block, and the main one is using it for cooking your dinners, so no matter how you are going to cook it, the key is to heat it slowly, and our Salt Block would adapt to it.

What would you think if I told you that you could do the same thing you do in an iron pan? Well, you can use the Salt block as a pan with no difference in the process but having all the benefits it provides.

White Himalayan Salt wall panels in a dark gray room
Two cooked eggs over a himalayan salt block for cooking

Grilling has not been so easy since you have a Salt block, and consider if using a charcoal grill; you must stack the coals on the opposite side you will put the salt Block this is for preventing fast heating.

Do you have a gas grill? No problem, start with the heat low and gradually increment it, and the rest is ancient history. Just watch your meals sizzling while absorbing the Salt block nutrients.

Wait, there is more... Imagine the look and feel of having your meals served in a Himalayan Salt Block; Yes, you can also use your Salt block as plates. You can chill Salt Block in the refrigerator to serve seafood like fish, shrimp, lobster, prepared food like sushi, cheese, or even desserts adding the salty touch to the mix.

Four sushi rolls served over a himalayan salt block used as a plated

How to use a Himalayan Salt block

You don't have to be a scientist, but there are a few steps you would like to consider before you start cooking.

  • Verify the block is dry.
  • Heating slowly the Salt Block is the key.
  • Put the Salt block depending on where you are cooking.
  • Don't use butter or cooking oil. It is not necessary.
  • Don't add salt to your meal will absorb the need from the block.
  • Put your meals and enjoy de sizzling.
  • Consider the estimated cook time.

Two cooked steaks over a himalayan salt block for cooking
Cured fish over a himalayan salt block for cooking and curing

Ups! We forgot to mention you can use the Himalayan Salt to cure foods, like sliced meat, fish, and seafood; just put them in the Salt Block and repose for several hours.

How to take care of your cooking salt block

Even when your Salt Block can last several cooking sessions, you would be wondering how I can give maintenance to it? 

  • Cook always on the same side, even when it is normal for your Salt Block to crack; doing this prevents making those cracks bigger, or in the worst case, those cracks join together.
  • Don't submerge in water because this potentially can crack or, worst, break your Salt Block.
  • Don't use water to clean it because water dissolves salt, and this can cause damage to its sensitive surface.
  • Don't use soap or detergent. The Salt Block is naturally antimicrobial.
  • After you've finished, pat it dry with a dry cloth and set it aside for at least 24 hours before cooking again.

A hand cleaning an himalayan salt block with a dry cloth