Himalayan Salt Panels

Sun Valley Salt has developed one of the best methods for incorporating Himalayan Pink Salt into your home, office, or sauna. Thanks to our unique patent-pending mounting system, installation is quick and simple. Our inventory of salt panels includes our original design, or panels with LED lighting and remote control.

Himalayan Salt Stones

All of our Himalayan Salt Stones are hand carved, and work wonderfully for a multitude of uses - from home decor to bathing and air detoxification. Our wide selection of salt stones offer the benefit of the 84 minerals contained in Himalayan Salt, including iron, magnesium, calcium and potassium.

Cedar Grilling Planks with Himalayan Salt Bricks

Our Cedar Grilling Planks with Himalayan Salt Blocks are the only product on the market today that offers a combination of Cedar and Himalayan Salt. They are safe for gas, electric or charcoal grills and easily interlock to create large grilling or serving platters. Instantly add a rich and salty flavor to all types of meat and vegetables.

Himalayan Salt Sconce

 Initially designed for sauna rooms, this beautiful craftsman-style wall sconce light can be used anywhere in your home or business. Encased in a Black Walnut frame, it's a beautiful accent to any wall.

Himalayan Salt Bricks

Pure Himalayan Salt Blocks mined from the caves at the base of the Himalayan Mountains. Each block measures 6" tall by 8" wide by 1" thick. Perfect for a variety of uses, including cooking!

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