Benefits Of Using Himalayan Salt Block In Cooking.

Benefits Of Using Himalayan Salt Block In Cooking. - Sun Valley Salt

Himalayan salt has been used for centuries, and we can find it in various products, from beauty to health care; one of them is for cooking driven by the newest healthy-eating craze. Himalayan Salt plates or Blocks are natural cook slabs that may also be used as a serving plate bringing a classy look to your meals. Cooking with Himalayan Salt Blocks adds flavor to your food while providing various health advantages.

Related to cooking, a helpful way to take advantage of Himalayan Salt Block is to cure food being those effective in dry-aging meat. Potentionening an exceptionally flavorful product.

What Are Himalayan Salt Blocks?

As their name suggests, Himalayan salt blocks are large slabs of Himalayan pink salt that have explicitly been carved for cooking. They exist in various sizes and are used for cooking, curing, chilling, and uniquely showcasing food.

They're highly thick and transfer heat quickly yet efficiently, which is why the slab holds heat so well and evenly seasons food.

Himalayan salt plates

Serving plates made of Himalayan salt slabs are ideal. You may cool the slab in the refrigerator to serve foods like sushi or cheese or frozen in the freezer to present cold sweets, including sorbet! Most meals will have a saltier flavor, while denser and drier foods will be presented in a more attractive and inventive manner.

Curing food with the salt block

Thinly sliced meats, fish, and shellfish can be cured using Himalayan salt blocks. Simply chill your natural salt slab for several hours, then drop thin slices of ahi tuna or beef carpaccio right onto the salt slab and watch as the curing process begins. This 100 percent natural marvel of nature's uneven colors of pink and different textures make for fascinating discussion and a lovely, natural serving platter for all your favorite dishes.

Curing with a Dry-aging room

Himalayan salt walls allow butchers to dry-age meat for extended periods without causing decomposition; it is the natural antimicrobial environment that a salt room chamber creates.

The dry-aging chamber contains a solid wall of Himalayan Pink Salt. The Himalayan Salt Bricks in various translucent shades of red, orange, and pink are stacked on top of each other to form panels along the wall.

Simply put, the salt particles and meat react over time to create a unique quality, tenderness, and flavor. Through ionization, if you want to be specific! Himalayan rock salt is excellent for its cleansing and flavor-enhancing abilities, making it the perfect environment for aging.

The salt particles from the rocks pull moisture from the meat and surrounding air and penetrate the beef, enhancing its flavor. Combined with lower temperature and humidity in the chamber, the salt prevents the growth of unwanted bacteria in the meat. It also relaxes the muscle fibers of the meat, which is why you'll find that beef dry-aged with Himalayan salt is much more tender! It also makes the beef darker, dramatically changing its appearance and flavor profile.

Practices vary by producer, but we age our meat for at least 20 days as standard. Optimal aging is around 21-25 days when the meat is at its best. However, aging too long has a slight advantage as it makes the beef smaller and gives it too intense a flavor.

Only a few butchers in the US use this process, which means your end product will be hard to beat!

The Nutrients

Himalayan salt is said to be highly healthy. When you cook or grill on a Himalayan salt block, the contents of the Himalayan salt block will undoubtedly infiltrate your meal.

It's a tremendous benefit since the salt unites all of the benefits of its 84 constituent elements, including many trace minerals that are important for health; this makes the salt block versatile, allowing you to use it as a pan and enrich your food!

A Safe Material for Your Food:

Commonly used materials for cooking and storing food, such as aluminum and plastic, have been considered harmful for health by many. There have been speculations of aluminum cookware causing Alzheimer's disease due to leaching out of the material in food.

It has also been linked to causing certain illnesses in the past. Although evidence for this is not strong, you can always choose an all-natural, safer option such as a Himalayan Salt block with all the additional health perks it has to offer!

The Energy Booster:

Himalayan Salt is considered to possess the tremendous potential energy it has received from the Sun and the Earth due to its ancient origin. Many people claim to feel energized after consuming salt. You may also boost your energy levels by cooking withHimalayan Salt Blocksand absorbing remnants of this natural gift.

The Flavor:

For a gourmet sense, Himalayan Salt is frequently used to season dishes. If you're already cooking with a salt block, you may skip this step because the salt will flavor your cuisine without being overwhelming. Enjoy succulent grilled steaks that will tantalize your senses!

In addition, if you're cooking withHimalayan salt blocks, you may skip using table salt. Bleach-treated salt that has been too refined is already bad for you!

Natural & Pure Salt:

Cooking with Himalayan Salt blocks has a slew of additional health advantages. Many people believe that salt can help with blood circulation, respiratory functioning, and blood sugar control, among other things.

In today's world of excessive refinement and artificial treatment of everything, we come across, finding anything as pure as Himalayan Pink Salt is difficult. Although refining is advantageous in specific ways, it may also wash out all essential elements.

You don't have to be concerned with Himalayan Salt. It is hand-mined and delivered to you in its purest form so that you may enjoy all of the benefits it has to offer.

Now that you're aware of the advantages of cooking with a Himalayan Salt block give it a try. We promise you won't be disappointed!

Some considerations on using a Himalayan salt block

  1. Always start with a dry block.Your block should be completely dry before using it; any moisture can cause it to expand and crack while heating.
  2. Heat it slowly.A slab can crack if heated (or chilled) too quickly as any moisture trapped inside expands, so following these usage suggestions and care instructions is best to get optimum life from a salt block.
  3. Small Cracks Are Normal.Heating can cause your salt block to develop cracks and naturally change color over time.
  4. Handle a hot salt block with care.It can reach very high temperatures and remain hot for several hours. Consider using high heat-resistant gloves to handle the Himalayan salt block.
  5. Don't use butter or cooking oils.They aren't necessary and will diminish the lifespan of your Himalayan salt block.
  6. Don't submerge your block in water.Water dissolves salt, so it's best to clean your Himalayan salt block with a damp sponge instead.

Tip: Try to cook on the same side, so the cracks don't get bigger.

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