Himalayan Salt Sconce

Boost your energy with ions

Shine a brighter life

Himalayan salt lamps are natural ionizers, which means that they change the electrical charge of the air around them. Our Himalayan Salt Sconce produces a constant stream of negative ions that on contrary of what the naming suggests, it’s pretty positive for your health.

Himalayan Salt Sconce placed in a salt therapy room
Close-up look of a three-times width Himalayan Salt Sconce

Cleanse the air

Negative ions help clear air pollutants like mold, bacteria, viruses, pet dander foul odors and more, by attaching to positively charged particles, making them too heavy to stay airborne.

Besides physical changes to the environment, Himalayan Salt Sconces can also help reducing symptoms of depression, have an activating influence on cognitive performance and promote antimicrobial activity.

Traditionally modern

Originally a sauna's concept, our Himalayan Salt Sconces are designed to be used in any space, be it your bedroom, office or shop. They are easy to install, just fasten your Himalayan Salt Sconce to the wall using Countersunk holes.

Close-up of Himalayan Salt Sconce inside a sauna