Beef Dry aged with himalayan salt wall

Himalayan salt has been used for centuries and is found in a variety of products from beauty care to health care. A more recent discovery, however, is its effectiveness in dry-aging meat, creating an exceptionally flavorful product. 

Himalayan salt walls allow butchers to dry-age meat for extended periods of time without causing excessive decomposition.

The reason for this is the natural antimicrobial environment that the salt room chamber creates.


The dry aging chamber contains a solid wall of Himalayan Pink Salt. The Himalayan Salt Bricks in various translucent shades of red, orange and pink are stacked on top of each other to form panels along the wall. 

Simply put, the salt particles and meat react over time to create a unique quality, tenderness and flavor. Through ionization, if you want to be specific! Himalayan rock salt is excellent for its cleansing and flavor enhancing abilities, making it the perfect environment for aging.

The salt particles from the rocks pull moisture from the meat and surrounding air and penetrate the beef, enhancing its flavor. Combined with lower temperature and humidity in the chamber, the salt prevents the growth of unwanted bacteria in the meat. It also relaxes the muscle fibers of the meat, which is why you'll find that beef dry-aged with Himalayan salt is much more tender! It also makes the meat darker, which dramatically changes its appearance and flavor profile.

Dry-Aging Himalayan Salt Chamber


Practices vary by producer, but we age our meat for at least 20 days as standard. Optimal aging is around 21-25 days, when the meat is at its best. However, there is little advantage to aging too long as it makes the meat smaller and gives it too intense a flavor.

Only a few butchers in the US use this process, which means your end product will be hard to beat!


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