Beef Dry aged with himalayan salt wall

Did you know that salt is an essential part of a horses’ diet?

Salt provides a valuable source of minerals and trace elements, assists healthy digestion, acts as an electrolyte on hot days, replaces what is lost from perspiration, promotes water consumption, and boosts nutrient absorption into the bloodstream for healthy health cells bodily functions.

The higher the salt intake, the more water the horse will drink. This keeps your horse hydrated while helping his organs detoxify, while flushing out any excess salt. The latest developments in horse health and diet research prove the incredible benefits of Himalayan salt for horses.

Himalayan Salt Health Benefits for Horses 

Himalayan Salt is sourced from the nutrient-rich water and soil found in the Himalayan mountains; this pink salt is loaded with minerals and contains more than 84 essential minerals.

Calcium: helps nourish and strengthen your horse’s bones, joints, teeth, and hooves.

Magnesium: is a must for the active horse, it helps recover his muscles after exercising. 

Potassium: essential for a healthy heart.

How much salt does my horse needs?

It all depends on how much your horse is sweating. Horse sweat contains about 0.7% salt. The horse will sweat a lot, which needs to be replaced. Depending on how active your horse is—whether it's riding, working, or other activities—active horses need higher salt supplements.

Simply put, the more exercise he does, the more salt he requires.

If your horse lives in a hot climate he will naturally sweat more. That is why it is so important to provide extra salt for your horse on hot summer days to avoid heat stress. Finally don't forget to provide plenty of water to keep your horse hydrated and cool.


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