Part of the innate beauty of Himalayan Salt comes from the fact that it's 100 percent pure and naturally occurring. That means that no two salt crystals will ever look the same. Veining throughout the Salt from varying levels of minerals gives way to amazing differences in pattern and color, ranging from pale white, to pink, to orange, to red. 

So what's the difference in the colors? 

The deepness of the Salt's color largely depends on the amount of iron oxide running through it. White Himalayan Salt is the rarest of the Himalayan Salt colors because it's the freest from impurities, while added minerals give pink Himalayan Salt its pink color. From a health standpoint, pink and white both pack the 84 naturally occurring minerals. Both are rich in negative ions, which are lovely for combatting overexposure to positive ions and offer significant health benefits such as stress reduction, energy increase, and more. That's why Himalayan salt walls — made from both white and pink salt blocks — are such an excellent way to enhance your spa guest's experience.

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White Himalayan Salt is Not as Common

Usually white Himalayan Salt is found in the outer areas of a salt mine. It is low in iron which is why it is white in color. This type of Himalayan Salt isn't as common as the pink Himalayan Salt but just as effective. If you are looking to acquire a Himalayan Salt Wall for your home or business, you will notice it is more expensive than pink Himalayan Salt. 

The main reason for that is because it is much more difficult to find and extract white Himalayan Salt.

Do White Himalayan Salt has more health benefits? 

The short answer is no; the health benefits Himalayan Salt provides are the same for pink and white Himalayan Salt. The only difference is that white Himalayan Salt is more difficult to find; hence it is more expensive. 

Some health benefits of having a Himalayan Salt Wall are:

  • Balancing Electromagnetic Radiation
  • Cleansing and Purifying the Air
  • Boosting Energy
  • Better Concentration and Productivity
  • Better Sleep

In you can find a range of Himalayan Salt products in white, red, and pink varieties.


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