Salt panels: everything you need to know

Salt panels: everything you need to know - Sun Valley Salt

You may have seen Himalayan Salt Panels in homes and offices glowing with beautiful light orange and pink hues, but you may not know how unique these panels are for your wellbeing. Yes, you read it right; these panels are not just beautiful decoration pieces but also have so many health and wellness attributes attached to them. (see more on Why Himalayan Salt)

So if you want to live in a peaceful and serene environment, you need to get your hands on these incredible Himalayan salt panels.

What is a salt panel?

Himalayan salt panels are the ideal decor item and newest trend when discussing design and wellness mixed in one product due to their incredible health benefits, beauty, and ease of installing into your wall. These may be entirely illuminated panels or regular panels of Himalayan salt.

You can use them for residential or commercial use: yoga rooms, hotels, resorts, restaurants, retail, sauna, or even better, bring wellness to your home and turn any spot into a sanctuary of relaxation! You can install the panels even in bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, living rooms, or in your home office spot.

Himalayan Salt panels immediately transform any room into a beautiful and calm environment. They are eco-friendly, which means that anyone in your family will enjoy the healing benefits all night long as the Himalayan salt naturally emits 84 trace minerals and negative ions.

The installation is as simple as just putting together salt bricks.

A wall instead of a panel

A salt panel can be more than enough for specific spaces providing that look impossible not to look at; there is also the option to consider having a wall made of salt. Imagine a wall of salt in the desired space, having the possibility of having several salt walls to decorate and give it an ancient look like the essence of a salt cave connecting with nature itself.

Making a wall consists of different forms, but basically, it is to have stacked salt blocks or put together several salt panels; it is up to you.

Benefits salt panels provides

Salt panels are an essential piece that makes spaces look renewed with a unique style, but embellishment is not the only attribute; they are also highly beneficial for your health. We have listed and explained the process by offering our old healing properties that resonate with our bodies.

  • Natural air purifier: Another great attribute of these panels is improving air quality by cleaning and purifying it naturally. When heated, these lamps emit negative ions in the atmosphere, also known as "vitamins of the air." Due to the hygroscopic nature of Himalayan salt, these panels attract the water molecules from the air along with pollutants, pollens, bacteria, and allergens towards them, making the air in the surroundings clean and fresh to breathe in.
  • Neutralize the air: The best way to get exposure to negative ions is by spending some time around a waterfall or sea, but you can get a small number of negative ions at home by placing salt panels near you. The negative ions released by salt panels neutralize the effect of harmful positive ions, produced mainly by electronic devices like computers, TVs, and microwave ovens around you. These positive ions can cause allergies, stress, and sleep trouble. This neutralization process helps to cleanse the air. Additionally, salt panels give off a hot and subtle glow that many people find relaxing.
  • Relieve respiratory and skin problems: Due to harmful ion generation and air purification, these panels help relieve many respiratory conditions such as asthma, bronchitis, skin infections, and seasonal allergies.
  • Improve sleep cycle: Irregular sleep cycle and insufficient sleep lead to bad mood and behavior. To have a good night's sleep, you may need a salt panel in your room as it will help improve irregular sleeping patterns, and eventually, your mental state and mood will be in an excellent natural condition.
  • Relieve stress, depression, and anxiety: These Himalayan Salt Panels create a soothing and serene atmosphere and enhance mood. These panels rejuvenate and re-energize your mind and body; This helps relieve stress, anxiety, and daily fatigue symptoms. Having one or more heated lamps near you will positively affect your overall mental state.
  • Meditative and therapeutic benefits: These lamps are widely used in the wellness industry due to their reflective and medicinal properties. Salt panels are part of spas for massage and therapeutic purposes. These panels detoxify the body and help absorb negative energy during a massage.


  • Let the Weather Decide the Location. When you decide to build a Himalayan salt wall, the first thing to ensure is protecting your area from rain, water, or humidity. Making a salt wall indoors is a good option, where your wall would be mostly preserved from moisture.
  • Let Your Budget Decide the Design. Since Himalayan salt bricks are not cheap, you should be mindful of your budget when deciding the design of your wall. A panel of salt bricks on a regular wall would be more affordable than a wall made entirely of salt bricks.
  • Backlight to Make the Most of It. Walls covered entirely of salt bricks can be backlit to provide a warm effect that could compliment your venue. However, you can spray conventional drywall with a salt texture and add smaller sections of salt bricks if you are on a budget.


There are two ways you can install your salt wall. The simplest way is the glue-free installation method by using a metal profile. If you want to install your wall as an independent structure or at an angle, this is the method you should go. A separate fence can be unmounted or moved to a different place without much hassle. Another Himalayan Salt wall installation method is salt sputtering or gluing together Himalayan salt tiles or blocks.

The Glue-Free Method

This Himalayan salt wall installation method uses a metal profile that you can fix.

At Sun Valley Salt, we have developed a patent-pending mounting system that makes the installation of our salt walls simple and more straightforward. Customize your salt panels with remote-controlled LED lighting to achieve the color of your choice.

The Salt Sputtering Method

This method is somewhat restricting since it doesn't allow any backlights and is unmountable. The use of glue is also not recommended since it could nullify the effect of Himalayan salt therapy by forming a coating over the salt. If, for some reason, you still want to use this method, here are some things you should know:

  • Before you start applying your salt sputter or salt coat, you should mount a net that will help fix the coat.
  • Secondly, you also need to prepare a mixture of Himalayan crystal salt.
  • The use of glue mixtures is not recommended because it can cause harm to respiratory organs.

The Tile Method

You can also choose to glue Himalayan salt blocks or bricks together, but for that, you will need a special kind of glue. It is because Himalayan salt crystals can react with regular glue.

Usually, glue for Himalayan salt comes in powder form, which you must mix with water according to the manufacturer's instructions. After the salt wall installation, you will need to wait for a specified time until the glue has dried before removing any excess to finish.

Salt wall and panel maintenance

The maintenance of the salt wall is straightforward. As long as it is kept dry, it would help if you only dust it off when it appears dusty. You can do this with a brush, broom, or vacuum cleaner. The salt is quite complex and will not be damaged by this type of cleaning. If you need to disinfect the wall, spray it lightly with disinfectant and dry it. Remember that salt tiles melt when they are wet. It takes a lot of water to make a noticeable difference, but you should be careful when getting the tiles wet.

If salt crystals are deposited on the salt tiles, this deposit is caused by excessive humidity in the room. You should keep the humidity below 60 percent in the area where the salt tiles are located. The crystals can be cleaned off the tiles using the above method. If you expose the tiles to moisture for a long time, they will be damaged and should not be used.

As you can see, there are multiple reasons why investing in products like this is a good idea; Our Himalayan Salt products are perfect for any place; you can create a custom panel to fit your needs, choose between our three different colors and LED lights.

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